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The nettle" 925" energy-saving enterprises lay a good energy saving
EditTime: 2011/3/29 Hits: 2416

China industrial network before a five year battle of assault fortified positions were also not cleared, a new round of five years of protracted battle again, energy saving and emission reduction -- the rise to China's economic transition strategy height work become at present the focus of attention of the community. The expert points out, in future five years of energy-saving emission reduction task harder, more" green", accord with our country "Twelfth Five-Year Plan " period economy society and take the road of sustainable development requirements, energy-saving service enterprises will play a more and more important role.

An arduous task to assault fortified positions

Five years ago, energy-saving emission reduction as the tie sex index was first included in" eleven five " plan outline. Five years later, Premier Wen Jiabao proposed," 12th Five-Year Plan", to lay a good energy-saving emission reduction tough battle and protracted battle, promote resource conservation and environmental protection. This shows, our country will be more determined, more effort to promote energy saving and emission reduction.

According to the report of government work," Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China's non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption increased to 11.4%, the unit GDP energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions were reduced 16% and 17%, the total discharge of major pollutants reduction 8%10%.

But in fact, want to accomplish these objectives is not easy. " Eleven five" period, our country puts forward the unit GDP energy consumption decreased 20%, the total discharge of major pollutants reduced by 10%. Five years later, a basic indicators : the unit GDP energy consumption reduced 19.06%; after an index overfulfils: COD emissions and sulfur dioxide emissions fell 12.45%, 14.29%. 19.06% basic standards behind, some local government forcibly pull brake to be restricted report" cooperate", highlights in energy saving and emission reduction of the passive and reluctant.

" The main reason caused this situation, many energy-saving emission reduction targets and tasks not fully implemented." China well-known energy-saving service enterprises -- Beijing music & P square area of science and technology company limited energy experts said," such as often only catch of high energy consumption and high pollution of the large key enterprises, the neglect of more small and medium enterprises, dig latent capacity greatly obvious enough. Then, method is not much, often only relying on administrative means, not to rely on economic, technological means to promote energy-saving emission reduction. Face to 2020 non-fossil energy accounted for about 15% units of GDP, carbon dioxide emissions drop than 2005 40% ~ 45% of the two indicators, undoubtedly, the task is more formidable, must seek for wisdom and precise way."

Energy saving service show

Analytic personage points out, has over five years of energy-saving emission reduction work experience shows that, if cannot form effective mechanism and system, to catch energy-saving emission reduction work can only be more and more passive. Because, as the elapse of time, easy reduction decreased, convenient and energy saving all day, and the next five years the national requirement unit energy consumption fell 16%, is very difficult. In view of this, how will be energy-saving emission reduction truly and comprehensively implemented has become a pressing matter of the moment. Otherwise, hit good energy-saving emission reduction tough battle and protracted battle is an empty talk.

National hair changes appoint deputy secretary-general Zhao Jiarong ever expressed publicly, in "925" energy-saving emission reduction plan, the country will be in " eleven five" period of the 1000 enterprises energy saving action basis, organized enterprises energy saving action.

According to authoritative studies show," 925" energy-saving emission reduction and the" eleven five" period of the implementation way have no essential difference, will continue to rely on technology, structure and energy saving energy saving based complementary mode, expected technical energy saving occupied contribution ratio from the" eleven five" in about 70% to reduce" 925" about 60%; structure and energy saving for the contribution rate will by" eleven five" around 17%, rising to about 30%" Five-Year".

In fact, in the market and national policy under the double promotion, energy-saving service market has emerged a large number of energy service company, Le Pu Quartet is among them crackajack delegate. With the technical and professional quality services, Le Pu Quartet for high energy consumption enterprises to resolve the energy problems, at the same time by contract energy management for energy consumption enterprises profit, this model has become our country to solve the high energy consumption enterprises problem important way. They have for the metallurgical, petrochemical and power industry to provide the overall energy-saving solutions, is bound to promote these enterprises to energy-saving work to" 925" higher goal.

"The ' full ' China s economic development mode change in the direction of 2010, pull brake to be restricted report, make a lot of enterprises realize the importance of energy saving management, thus ' Twelfth Five-Year Plan ' period energy-saving service industry market demand, energy service companies will usher in the real development of the spring." Experts say.

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