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Chemical world first technology equipment exhibition to help industry by the strength
EditTime: 2011/3/29 Hits: 2553

China Industrial Network in 2010, China's chemical industry production value amounts to 5.23 yuan ( $770000000000 ), beyond the United States $734000000000, economic gross jumps house world the first chemical. Chemical industry so rapid development is inseparable from the chemical equipment industry progress, at present, our country has been among the chemical equipment manufacturing big country cavalcade, is expected in the " 12th Five-Year Plan", the chemical equipment industry is expected to maintain the 30%-40% growth momentum. 2011 is the" Twelfth Five-Year Plan " of a bureau year, the chemical equipment industry, is a development of crucial year. Came 3 days on September 1st will be held in Guangzhou China ( Guangzhou) International Chemical Technology Equipment Exhibition, the organizers said it will become the" first China Chemical Equipment Exhibition", for the chemical technology equipment enterprises to build a platform for mutual exchange, promotes the whole industry from big to strong, accelerate the development of.

At present, the valve technology, Changzhou Jinling drying equipment, Guangzhou pneumatic equipment with the right, Lanzhou highland pump, Wenzhou East Ou microporous filtration, Jin Li Jiangmen city nitrogenous fertilizer machinery, Taizhou Xin Yu vacuum equipment, Nantong Huaxin mass transfer equipment, Anhui is triplex pump, Anhui and Anhui Teflon valve pump, Pegasus, Zhejiang Jianhua filter group, Shanghai KSB pumps, the Gulf of Guangzhou oil equipment chemical industry equipment, various segments of the well-known enterprises, as well as from Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea a number of internationally renowned chemical technology equipment company took the organizers out of the " olive branch", positive selection and preparation before the exhibition booth.

End at present, petroleum and petrochemical, chemical, fine chemical, daily chemical, medicine and chemical industry and so on each segment within the clear intention to participate in the domestic and foreign enterprises reached more than 150, it is Guangzhou international chemical technology equipment exhibition industry to bring quality most ictus, show the responsible person said" even from exhibition held still half time, the next three months will be the enterprise application to peak, will continue to have more well-known enterprises identified as exhibiting". This exhibition will be a large scale, broad impact, with the industry characteristics and the international standard of professional event.

To participate in the Guangzhou international chemical industry technology and equipment exhibition major chemical technology equipment companies are looking through the exhibition of domestic and foreign enterprises to communicate, access to more of the information industry, have more understanding of the dynamics of development of the industry, the industry's latest products and technology. As China's valve industry and nuclear industry system 's first listed company - valve limited company of science and technology, not only brings the company's core products and new products, the company responsible person said, the exhibition is in order to international advanced chemical technology equipment enterprises to communicate, to show the world China's valve of advanced manufacturing technology level, and plans to organize a seminar on the promotion of industry, market big cake. Medical equipment industry enterprise also express in succession, Guangdong is to build a world-class Pharmaceutical Logistics Hong Kong, the pharmaceutical industry cluster effect will further highlight, Southern China area medicine has better base, the future will have a brilliant future, to participate in the Guangzhou international technology equipment exhibition such professional assembly is necessary.

According to the Guangzhou International Chemical Technology Equipment Exhibition responsible for the introduction, the exhibition not only for exhibitors to build a trade exchange platform, also give feedback on participating enterprises publicity, exhibition in China business news, Shanghai Securities Daily, China chemical industry news and other high-end media do soft wide publicity and news coverage, and regularly publishes exhibition news and publishing Spreadtrum, enterprises will be the latest developments and product information to professional buyers, and send to each big chemical equipment of famous enterprises to do site promotion, the main object is the exhibition of downstream professional buyers, buyers are also show quality is important assure.

According to the Guangzhou International Chemical Technology Equipment Exhibition responsible person said, the show is closely follow the national policy trends and industry trends hold, hope can help enterprises to seize the industry development of the enormous business opportunities. Reportedly," Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, large coal chemical complete sets of equipment, large slab hot and cold rolling equipment, large offshore oil engineering equipment, large-scale environmental protection equipment and resource comprehensive utilization equipment, large-scale high-speed precision CNC equipment, CNC system and components are becoming the focus of the government to support field. The chemical industry" 925" six science and technology target is clearly stressed the need to upgrade its technology and equipment industry 's overall strength. At the same time, our country chemical equipment industry of traditional and emerging areas have huge market demand, the chemical equipment industry is facing new development opportunity.

The responsible person also said, and similar exhibition club is different, Guangzhou International Chemical Technology Equipment Exhibition in order to facilitate the professional buyers invitation, will only focus on technical equipment, not the technology equipment and raw materials, finished products mixed display. The expert points out Guangzhou international chemical technology equipment exhibition will have the opportunity to become the first Chinese chemical technology equipment exhibition, to help enterprises in the" 12th Five-Year Plan", seize the opportunity, seize the high ground to obtain a better development, and further promote our country chemical technology equipment industry by the strength of the goal.

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