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Electrovalency reforms the light electricity linkage uncertainty
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China industry news in March 16th," the people's Republic of China National Economic and social development Twelfth Five Year Plan" the promulgation, wherein the forty-ninth chapter to" actively promote the price reform, the implementation of user power direct trade and bidding pilot, perfect transmission and distribution price formation mechanism, reform sale electrovalency classification structure."

It has been the urgent need of electricity price reform to turn round deficit situation of thermal power enterprises, seem to see a ray of light. However, to have long-term deficit, step forward dimension difficult thermal power enterprises, coal linkage appears to be more practical" life-saving straw".

A serious loss of power

" In 2010, five major power groups of high power losses amounted to 13700000000 yuan, 85 thermal power enterprises is on the brink of bankruptcy, the country should adjust online electrovalency, otherwise the power plant will be facing bankruptcy risk." A member of the CPPCC National Committee, Datang Corporation raw general manager Zhai Ruoyu said during the two sessions.

According to statistics, in order to Huaneng, Datang, Huadian, state power, the CLP five major power group as an example, to 2010 primer power installed capacity reached 381527900 kilowatts, accounting for the thermal power installed capacity of 54%. The five generation company power respectively last year loss of 1208000000 yuan, 2551000000 yuan, 3600000000 yuan, 2950000000 yuan, 3410000000 yuan, a total loss of 13719000000 yuan.

In 2010, five major power groups to the operation of the 436 thermal power enterprises, loss-making enterprises 236, the loss is high up to 54%. Assets and liabilities of more than 100%, in the bankruptcy of the enterprise has 85, accounting for 19% of all thermal power enterprises.

From the regional perspective, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu, Heilongjiang, Shandong Province, in addition to individual coal joint venture enterprises and Sino-foreign joint ventures with a small amount of profit, the provinces of the thermal power enterprises in almost total loss.

" The five major power group most thermal power business losses, if the thermal power industry continue to severe loss of down, will appear in 2004 and 2005 of 2004, 24 provinces ( city) appeared to pull brake to be restricted report." Zhai Ruoyu expressed concern.

Not only that, because the power is still the five major electricity power enterprise group mainly of main power supply, so the power of the huge losses, the five major power groups, leads to the high debt ratio of 85%.

" For the industry average high rates of assets and liabilities amounted to 72.1% of the power industry, the five major power groups is higher than 80%, in successive years of losses have been caused to run behind one's expenses management risk, security investment funds is affected badly, safe and stable operation of the risk is increased continuously." A member of the CPPCC National Committee, the CLP deputy general manager Li Xiaolin said," which led to a series of problems become more serious, some thermal power enterprises has been a loss is very serious, business related to people's livelihood issue is more outstanding also, especially some old enterprise, bear the heavy responsibility of social stability, harmonious, unstable factors which need to be solved urgently."

Fuel cost is considered to be the main reason

" Over the past few years the price of coal rose sharply and the coal price policy is not timely, not in place is the cause of national power company severe loss is most direct, the most main reason. As a result of thermal power enterprises in the total cost of power generation fuel cost 70% the left and right sides, so the electricity price change is the thermal power enterprises operating in the most sensitive factors." Zhai Ruoyu analysis of the reason of loss of power.

According to the CEC statistics, since 2003, Qinhuangdao 5500 kcal coal prices rose a total of more than 150%, only 2010 10-12 month just two months, the five major power groups to factory standard coal price rise of more than 100 yuan / ton, the five major power groups to coal business loss increase.

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