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The two policies on energy saving enterprises usher in a golden development in five years
EditTime: 2011/3/29 Hits: 2228

China Industrial Network in the recently concluded national "two sessions", promote energy-saving emission reduction has become" two meetings" representing the focus. Industry experts point out, in" eleven five " period to contract energy management ( EMC ) of the benefit sharing model for energy-saving emission reduction work plays an important role," 925" during the model state will give more encouragement and support, energy service companies will usher in a golden development in five years.

" 925" strategy of energy-saving furnace

According to the data of national statistic bureau shows," eleven five" period, our country six big high energy-consuming industries accumulated energy saving nearly 4 million tons of standard coal, the whole society energy-saving contributed more than 60%. Visible," eleven five" period, energy-consuming enterprises adopt energy-saving technological transformation, to carry out energy-saving key projects, the promotion of advanced energy-saving technology and a series of energy saving measures of energy saving and consumption reduction achieved remarkable results.

Spring in March, the annual" two meetings" is held as scheduled in Beijing, called China's first" green five" of the" Twelfth Five-Year Plan" was born. Premier Wen Jiabao in the government work report pointed out:" the next five years of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption increased to 11.4%, the unit GDP energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions were reduced 16% and 17%."

How can these numbers into reality? National hair changes appoint director Zhang Ping is in "two meetings" during specific measures and steps:" including the adjustment of economic structure, eliminate backward production capacity, limit or the development of the industry, to actively promote technological progress, especially in energy saving and emission reduction in energy saving and emission reduction technology research and development, product promotion, to implement energy-saving emission reduction projects, promote the enterprise technology transformation. To mobilize all aspects, the use of advanced technology, the use of energy-saving emission reduction products."

" Energy saving and emission reduction must be market-oriented, enterprise means." A member of the CPPCC National Committee Cai Guoxiong said, popular in Europe and America energy management contract is a good means, at present domestic enterprise has taken the first step.

In order to more in-depth understanding of the reduction of energy-saving job to fulfil a circumstance, the reporter visited the Ministry of first energy-saving service recommended enterprises, located in Tsinghua Science Park of Beijing music & P square area of science and technology limited liability company. Company chairman Mao Wenjian said:" the country is in nearly two years of energy-saving emission reduction into force gradually increased, both in finance and tax, support is unprecedented. But our country's energy management contract from truly mature is still a way to go, should draw lessons from the successful experience of developed countries in Europe and america."

Policy awesome energy saving enterprises across the threshold

Recently, energy-saving services in the field of good policy frequent news. In 2010 April, change by national hair appoint wait for a branch to develop the" about accelerating the implementation of energy management contract for promoting energy saving service industry development opinion" publish, energy service companies to obtain financial support, tax, accounting system, financial service from four aspects such as policy support. The subsequent" energy management contract technical rules"," on the issuance of contract energy management of financial incentives fund management the announcement of temporary measure" come on stage in succession; in January this year, the Ministry of Finance issued a stronger policy" energy management contract tax preferential policy".

This a series of policy make Le Pu Quartet in a large number of energy saving and environmental protection of a person of noble aspirations like mu chunfeng. In order to le Pu Quartet and Laiwu iron and steel group cooperation project of 4 years as an example, energy-saving effect of 40%, based on the conservation of energy the amount paid into the ratio and the introduction of preferential tax policy in fourth years, with half of the tax calculation, net income increased 7% ~ 10%, be divided into proportional allocation to energy saving, energy companies. " According to the policy, we can reduce the 1 / 4 of the expenditure, the government is in the provision of financial support." Music director general Quartet, total points out," however, at present our country energy service company is still small enterprises, there is lack of financial strength, backward technology and the problems of lack of follow-up services. How to regulate the market and the management of these companies, is the development of the industry has been the existence of a problem."

The reporter understands these phenomena as Le Pu Quartet which have financial strength, and have their own products in the field of energy go more than 10 years of the company not to see more. Therefore, to improve the industry access threshold and the key technique of the research and development of independent innovation, will be henceforth undoubtedly must walk the road!

Le Pu Quartet by single energy-saving products to start, to complete energy-saving system solutions, to the complete set of energy-saving operation. From power to save energy, in the good faith foundation, Le Pu quartet with wing Granville investment and other well-known institutions and venture capital funds from financial institutions to do the strong backing, coupled with years of accumulation of technology, policy support, so in EMC project can feel just like a fish in water.

Experts say the situation is getting better and better, our country the sources of energy, energy saving and emission reduction is a protracted war. Only the further promotion of energy management contract in China, thus driving more like music pop Quartet such specialized energy service companies continue to emerge, our country in the field of energy industry chain can be more complete, the "12th Five-Year Plan" energy-saving emission reduction targets can be achieved.

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